September 2020 Update
After a very busy summer, we wanted to thank everyone again for their continuous support and donations! It’s only with this extended community and generosity that we can lay the groundwork for a healing effort that can last. Our time and energy is currently spent setting up the organization to be sustainable and supporting folks currently receiving funds for their therapy sessions.

We commit to redistributing time and resources to make care work accessible to the Black community in Vancouver; working towards this kind of access is key to our collective healing. We envision healing that is affordable, flexible, and that prioritizes those who often are invisibilized or endangered in other spaces. As somatics practitioner and BLM activist Prentis Hemphill says, "Healing justice is active intervention in which we transform the lived experience of Blackness in our world." We want to offer more than temporary relief, we want to offer healing and tools that can be carried forward and into life. We are deeply interested in growing through the complexity of communal healing, and this fund will enable us to manifest what is urgently required to counter individualistic therapeutic models of whiteness, which promote false ideas of the self as an independent agent and do not address or understand racial trauma.

For the sake of transparency, we will provide a high-level overview of our operations: we have allocated about $100,000 to pay for 20 therapy sessions for 25 people over the next few months. It is important to us that recipients receive these sessions at no charge to them, so the sessions can be accessed long term, with as few barriers as possible. We are planning on covering 20 more people in the next year, for which we want to allocate another $80,000. Our intention is to spend less than 10% of our budget on operational and administrative costs to get the non-profit started and running. We are choosing to invest some funds into operations to lay the groundwork for the VBT&AF to ensure that we will be able to have a strong and sustainable future.

Thank you for being patient when you message us, we are a small team receiving many inquiries. We appreciate those who are writing to us with regards to their needs and we are grateful for the enthusiasm of those wanting to help. We will respond to the best of our capacity. The team working on managing this fund consists of Betty (Founder & Director), two additional board directors, and a handful of volunteers (thank you!). At this time, we get 100% of our funding from personal donations and grassroots support. We are hoping to continue operating as a not-for-profit with ongoing monthly donations and government grants. Our monthly donation platform will be set up publicly next week and will help sustain ongoing iterations of the program. We hope to become a registered charity in the coming years - and your support will help us get there.

We are grateful for the therapists we are currently working with: Christina Fenton, Maedean Myers, Nadine Tilma, Tricia-Kay Williams.

We are also looking for committed volunteers who are able to provide time and skills (BIPOC preferred)! Please fill out the application form on our website.
At this moment the program is at capacity. Please be patient! We are restructuring and are expanding this program into a fund where people can donate on a monthly basis which will allow us to accomodate more folks. Contact us if you have any inquiries.
This fundraiser is created by Betty Mulat, Vancouver based artist, producer, and co-founder of NuZi Collective , and community organizer.
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